Focus and Scope

Food is studied by several disciplines because food has always been more than just nutrients and culiner. Food studies have provided better insights into important societal processes involving economics, health, politics, history, and the environment. The journal emphasises research that explores food science, food technology, nutritions, culinary and eating behaviours that are related to particular traditional food. The uniqueness, variety and creativity of food traditions and cultures, as well as the complex interplay of societal and environmental factors can be fully understood by considering perspectives on ethnography, cultural anthropology, population health and well-being, biology, history, ecology and geography. Articles in scope with the journal should cover these areas. The journal welcomes review articles in all those fields, especially those highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of the study of food technology, nutritions and culinary.

The journal covers foods from different geographic areas across continents, ultimately focusing on topics that contribute to quality of life.