Reviewer Recognition

Canrea Journal has joined with the Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service (by Clarivate) to formally acknowledge peer review contributions. Reviewer evaluations for participating issues of Canrea Journal will be uploaded to your reviewer profile on Web of Science if you choose to take advantage of this arrangement.

Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service – a third-party reviewer recognition service is a service that reviewers can sign up for and record their peer review history as a way of “getting credit for peer review.” Their goal is to improve research efficiency by leveraging high-quality peer review, and they do so by collaborating with publishers, academic institutions, and individual researchers to transform peer review into a quantifiable output that can be used to establish a researcher's credibility, impact, and influence.

Therefore, for editors/reviewers who have pre-reviewed articles that have been published in this journal, please immediately process the claims on the manuscript in their respective accounts. Meanwhile, Editors/Reviewers who do not yet have an account, please immediately create an account at Clarivate - Web of Science (register) or by logging in through the ORCiD account.