About the Journal

Canrea Journal: Food Technology, Nutrition, and Culinary Journal (E-ISSN 2621-9468) is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes research and review article on food technology, nutrition, and culinary with a special emphasis on traditional food, particularly traditional Indonesian foods, as well as other regions that have similar or relevant culinary to Indonesian food. The topics of the articles may include but are not limited to the chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, processing, packaging, functional, and sensory aspects of traditional and contemporary foods.

Canrea is published twice a year in June and December by the Department of Food Science and Technology, Universitas Hasanuddin.
All submitted articles shall never be published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Articles submitted to Canrea will undergo a thorough single-blind peer-review process. The acceptance of articles is decided by Editorial Board based on reviewer's recommendation.


Canrea journal began its first publication on July 16 2018. In the first two-year publication (2018- 2019), this journal used Bahasa as the native language of Indonesia. The use of English started from 2020 onwards. Meanwhile, the implementation of the policy listed in the publication ethics and author guidelines began in volume 5 of issue 2 in 2022. For further information can be seen here.